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Purveyors of handmade jewellery and occasion hats in 
Henfield's centre

We carefully select our range of products, picking only jewellery and accessories which we think is truly unusual and exceptional. Our hand-made jewellery includes beaded necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more, while we also sell hand-made accessories and gifts such as fascinators, cushions and crystal ornaments. We also source exclusive jewellery and gifts from small local and overseas designers. From special occasion hats to festive hair accessories, there's something for everyone and every event at River Rose Occasions in Henfield.

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A lovely range of Equilibrium jewellery
A range of Equilibrium jewellery
Elegant hand-made jewellery in Henfield, BN

Beaded jewellery

Jewellery made with beads and wire is often called 'costume jewellery', but we think it's much more than that. With quality crystal, glass and metal beads, beaded jewellery is hypnotically beautiful, offering rich, deep colours and a fine sparkle. Making beaded jewellery by hand requires a lot of time and patience, as well as extreme dexterity, so we are very proud of the beautiful and professional quality of our handmade beaded jewellery.
Pretty handmade hats in Henfield, BN

Occasion hats & fascinators

For a wedding, a garden party or a day at the races, a gorgeous hat or fascinator is an essential addition to your outfit. Our special occasion hats are chosen to be timelessly elegant, in a range of colours and styles to suit a wide variety of outfits. If you prefer to accessorise your hair with something smaller and lighter, our fascinators are a perfect solution. Most are handmade and use fabulous materials including fine beads, beautiful feathers and quality ribbon, for something that catches the eye of everyone around.
Amazing hair accessories in Henfield, BN

Accessories & gifts

Our accessories, including winter hats, scarves, ornaments, purses and more, make a perfect gift. From our seasonally themed gifts, including Christmas treats and gift bags, to our everyday treats such as hair accessories or gloves, why not pick out something special for your favourite person's birthday or anniversary. Our products make perfect gifts and we even sell beautiful gift boxes and pouches for a truly special present.
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